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        Development Strategy

        Concept determines the destiny of enterprise development
        There are five things in Sun Tzu's Art of War: "Dao, heaven, earth, generals, and law". Regardless of whether a company or an individual, the conditions for success are "Heaven, Earth, and Will", that is, the right time, the right place, and the harmony of people. The foundation of success is "Tao", that is, thought, theory or idea. Success depends on "law", that is, method, technology or means. The harmony of "Tao" and "Dharma" can accomplish career. There is no way to succeed, but there is no way to fail. Practice without the guidance of ideas is bound to be blind action, and copying ideas may be pale dogma. Concept determines the destiny of enterprise development.
        In the years of development, Fangli Group has insisted on taking science as the prerequisite, mechanism as the guide, management as the means, and motivation as the goal. Constantly update concepts and correctly guide employees' values. We believe that the power of struggle comes from goals, and success requires tireless pursuit.

        The market is the source of enterprise development
        Marketing is an important behavior of the market economy and an important process to meet customer needs. Through continuous updates in concepts, measures, methods, approaches, etc., the company has adapted to the changes in market development, pushed its products to the market, and has been recognized and satisfied by customers.
        In the “spring” of the mature market, more and more companies are going to carve up and grab a limited market share, competition is becoming fiercer, but demand is growing slowly, even stagnating and shrinking. The room for profit growth will become smaller and smaller. In this situation, companies can only stand out from the bloody competition if they are "beautiful and not for spring". Of course, this is not to say that "spring" is not important, and that "spring" is not so much a season of contention as it is a season of cultivation.
        For many years, Fangli Group, based on the domestic market, has steadily established its leading position as a well-known domestic plastic pipe equipment manufacturer, and has continued to develop overseas markets. Adopting various methods such as setting up offices abroad, hiring foreign professionals to serve Fangli, developing friendly cooperation on the premise of achieving a win-win situation, supporting foreign equipment manufacturers and promoting industry exhibitions, etc., in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas , Africa and Latin America have gradually expanded their product market shares.

        Talent is the cornerstone of enterprise development
        In the final analysis, competition in modern society is human competition. Whoever controls people to the utmost has the magic weapon to win. Excellent employees are the cornerstone of corporate development, which is the consensus of many companies. In terms of talent introduction, it is not possible to "crash food because of choking." There are limitations to the development of an enterprise solely relying on internal talents. The group has implemented a series of preferential policies for the introduction of talents, and has continuously introduced high-quality technical, operational and management talents. At the same time, it will build a stage for the introduced talents to achieve their careers. Over the past few years, we have truly managed to attract, retain, and use well. At present, 80% of the company's management, technology, marketing and other key teams are professionals introduced in the past ten years. At the same time, these talents have injected new vitality into the continuous innovation of the company.

        Technological innovation is the leader of enterprise development
        Since its establishment, Fangli Group has always been based on a high-start, high-grade product development strategy. Through the introduction and absorption of foreign advanced plastic machine manufacturing technology, new products and new technologies are continuously introduced. At present, the leading products have reached the international advanced level.
        At the same time, the company will carry out extensive domestic and international technical cooperation as an important means of technological innovation. In recent years, the company has been focusing on single-screw and twin-screw extrusion equipment, precision extrusion principles and equipment, polymer material extrusion principles and equipment, and ultra High-molecular-weight polyethylene molding technology, wood-plastic composite product molding, plastic micro-foam material preparation technology, nano-polymer composite material preparation technology, etc. have carried out extensive technical cooperation. The technological content of the developed products has been improved, and the products Competitive.

        Management is the guarantee of enterprise development
        Management is for operation, and operation must minimize risks and losses. Therefore, what management needs to do is to ensure the healthy operation of the entire operation process.
        After the enterprise enters the group operation, it continuously reforms the mechanism, uses modern management methods, clarifies responsibilities, strengthens performance evaluation, and enables the healthy development of subsidiaries. Currently, the group is actively promoting a diversified business model to lay the foundation for the next development.

        Brand is the goal of enterprise development
        With the continuous development of social economy and increasingly fierce competition among enterprises, the connotation of the quality concept has gone from "products meet the requirements of regulations" to "products meet user needs"; from "products meet user needs" to "products achieve customer satisfaction"; The evolution and development from "products achieve customer satisfaction" to "products fully meet customer service standards".
        In recent years, Fangli Group has taken internationalization and operationalization as the forerunner in quality management, promoted the concepts of "dynamic market", "total quality" and "brand quality", continuously improved the quality management system, and put forward the "quality Pursuit of excellence, sincere service for eternity" quality goals.

        Building a learning enterprise
        The continuous development of market demand and the continuous use of new materials and technologies determine the continuous update of plastic machine products. To this end, the group company gradually increases the pace of building a learning enterprise, cultivates employees' awareness of lifelong learning, and lays a solid foundation for enterprise innovation and re-innovation. We believe that only by advancing with the times in concept, making continuous progress in technology, improving in quality, and cultivating a large number of outstanding staff, can we provide customers with quality products and services.

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